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Osborn's Sport Shop

8929 Chippewa Highway

Bear Lake, MI. 49614


or email us at

[email protected] 

   Osborn's Firecracker string loop is pre-made, pre-stretched, and offers a brightly colored serving for low light conditions. Like inside a blind or those last few minutes of prime hunting. Anyone can appreciate this high visibility. Made in a variety of colors including- red, blue, chartreuse, yellow, blaze orange, hot pink, purple, pearl, neon green, tactical black, or a custom(red, white and blue)

   The quality BCY serving adds durability and stiffness. The loop retains a wide open shape with no droop. It can be easily installed in less than 1 minute. With no need for metal nocks to hold its position. It cinches slightly into the bow string and stays in place. This loop should be considered part of your high performance equipment that also adds a very customized and finished look. Hunting and target shooters both can benefit from a loop that holds its consistent shape for thousands of shots. Our string loop is known for outlasting two bowstrings.