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    In our Fishing Department, we have a good selection of seasonal fishing supplies. With new stuff coming in every week. We have a new and improved selection of Hali and Tungsten Jigs. Our shop has six minnow tanks, and bait cooler that houses minnows with other live bait selections. We'll have live bait seasonally the best we can; all depending on our our seasonal availability. Call the shop to know our selection week by week.

Come see our custom fishing pole rack. It holds trout, steelhead, crappie and perch rods from 6' to 14'. Our custom trout fly display case has 1152 individual compartments. Holding in the spaces are hoppers, streamers, egg sucking leeches, and various dry flies that are all hand made.

    Two dams with dozens and dozens of lakes/ streams that're within 25 miles of here. Lake Michigan is less then five miles as the crow flies. Nine local pier heads off of Lake Michigan to fish. All of which are less then a 35 minute drive from the sport shop.

Live Bait Prices, including current stock- July 20,2021


2020 Photos

Night Crawlers:

Baby Crawlers:

Leaf Worms: 

Fat Head/ Tuffy Minnows:

Wax Worms:

Pre-tied Spawn Eggs (non-floating/ floating):


One Dozen $2.50, Two Dozen $4.50, 500 Count- standard flat in dirt $65.00, 500 Count- in bucket with bedding $80.00, 50 Count- in foam container with bedding $12.50, 100 Count- in foam contain with bedding $25.00

18 Count $3.00

30 C​ount $3.50

One Dozen $2.50

Three Dozen $2.49 or 250 for $12.95

One Dozen $.50 SALE PRICE

One Dozen $3.00

   If you need bulk bait for any reason, please let us know in advance. So we can have the inventory you need for whatever trip you have planned. We are always proud to give the best minnow counts around.

Rental Equipment - 

 A signed contract and credit card are required 

Kayak(Eleven Viper Kayaks in stock)- $20.00/day

12" Rowboat- $35.00 (add $20.00 for optional electric motor)/day

14" Rowboat- $35.00 (add $20.00 for optional electric motor)/day

Updated July 20th, 2021

- Local Fishing Report -

Call for a current fishing report: (231) 889-3775


Manistee, Onekama, Arcadia, Frankfort Pier: Walleye and Salmon, catching bass off Onekama

Lake Michigan: Salmon are moving into piers.

Portage Lake: Mixed reports of perch, panfish, and small mouth bass. A few walleyes being caught from trolling and casting off pier at night.  

Bear Lake: Good reports of people catching limits of walleye. They're also catching panfish and little to none perch. 

Bear Creek: Brook trout and browns

Manistee Lake: 

Manistee River: Brook trout and browns

Crystal Lake: 

Betsie River: 

Arcadia Lake: Catching a few pike and a mixture of panfish.

Lemon Lake and Glovers lake:

Chief Lake: Catching bass, pike, and a mixture of panfish.

Healy Lake:

Long Lake: Catching good amounts of walleye.

Duck Lake:

Platte and Little Plate lake:

Platte River:

Green Lake:

Wellston Lakes: Bluegill, crappie, and sunfish are biting.

Big and Little Glen: They're catching perch and pike.   

How to filet- Pike

How to filet- Bourbet